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Asbestos Cement Roofing Rehabilitation

A comfortable and reliable solution where the fiber cement is not removed serving as a support for the system that has an exceptional waterproofness and insulation with lower thermal conductivity rate existing nowadays. Know more

| General Presentation (pdf)
| System with Steel Structure for Reinforcement (pdf)
| System for Fiber cement plates with High Wave Sheets (pdf)
| Industrial Buildings (pdf)

Special Campaign for Condos
Industrial Lands and Plots

In Braga, with 50,000 m2 for all classes of industries, great access and good exposure – around 300 meters in front of the “Via do Alto da Vela”.

In Ponte – Guimarães, with plots with 1.069 to 1.547 m2 or areas to subdivide up to 60.000 m2, inserted in an area with excellent location and good access.